iTrent Payroll

iTrent Payroll+itrent HR system Software Download

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iTrent Payroll+itrent HR system Software Download

What is iTrent?

iTrent has been designed with the education sector specifically in mind and has earned a reputation as the leading HR and Payroll system for schools.

Capita is really excited to begin delivering your service using the iTrent solution over the coming months.

iTrent by MHR is an HR management solution offering a variety of applications. MHR has been in business for 30 years and offers a web-based program, is exclusively deployed to the UK market, and currently supports 5% of the UK workforce. iTrent Payroll

iTrent is not restricted to any industry or size of the company and offers companies personnel tracking, applicant tracking, learning management, payroll, applicant sourcing, goal management, benefits administration, onboarding management, employee scheduling, time and attendance, and compensation management solutions. It offers real-time reporting on all HR processes to help guide workforce decisions.

Trent offers iTrent Assist, customer service tools,

to help users configure and maintain their system and are available at three consultancy levels. The company received Service Provider of the year and Software Product of the Year in 2015 by the CIPP. In addition, the company offers employment law advisory services to ensure compliance.

MHR is a leading provider of talent management, HR, payroll and business analytics solutions, supporting over 5% of the total UK workforce. With over 30 years’ experience, our teams are dedicated to providing specialist knowledge, expertise, and the very latest modern, best-practice technology, helping customers to overcome their operational and strategic challenges with ease. MHR form strong partnerships with customers, drawing on the power of our iTrent technology, and the excellence of our people, to help customers rapidly realize bottom-line business benefits.

iTrent is a single, web-based HR, payroll, talent management,

workforce planning solution. It supports the latest operational methodologies for managing your people from workforce planning, attraction, and selection, to pay and reward, performance management, learning and development, and retention. Trent helps align your people to organizational goals, develop your talent to support future requirements and release the true value of your people. This single solution presents you with the visibility of information needed to identify which people strategies have the greatest impact on organizational performance.

iTrent Payroll
iTrent Payroll


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