ezdrummer 2 upgrade

Ezdrummer 2 upgrade

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EZDrummer 2 upgrade worth it? need extra EZ kits? Confused.

So I have EZ Drummer 1 which I have not used as I got SD2 (I did the EZDrummer 1 sidegrade to SD2) so I have both products.

I have not upgraded to EZ Drummer 2.

There are only a few SD addon kits available like Roots & Roots brushes (4-6 addons?).  For EZ Drummer there are a BUNCH of EZ kits (10+ addon kits).  I own the EZ Indie addon and have used that in SD2.

So should I upgrade to EZZ Drummer 2 to get the new features?  are there essential addon EZ kits that one should purchase?

ezdrummer 2 upgrade
ezdrummer 2 upgrade

How big does the installation of all those addon kits take?  the SD addon kits seem huge 30+GB each.

I know – very confusing.  Trust me I am confused.  I just don’t know if I should invest in all the EZ addon kits and if I will need another hard drive just to manage all the libraries.

Any advice?

(I have a TON of drum libraries – Battery 3/4, Maschine 1/2 + add-ons, Stylus RMX+addons, Damage, Heavocity DM-307, Steven Slate SSD4 Platinum, etc etc.).  I have a Roland TR-8 hardware device as well.

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