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CityGuide-Google Map-SitiGID GPS Navigator Of A New Generation(android)

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CityGuide-Google Map- GPS Navigator Of A New Generation(android)

SitiGID – GPS navigator of a new generation, which allows the use of navigation maps from different suppliers and manufacturers. SitiGID is among the OFFLINE navigators that do not require a permanent connection to the Internet, which and manufacturers. SitiGID is among the OFFLINE navigators makes it possible to use maps and in the absence of communication, and also helps to significantly save on traffic.SitiGID GPS Navigator

Routes, maps, coverage:
• Instant calculation of the fastest routes (including traffic jams)
• Smooth scrolling and scaling maps
• Extensive mapping coverage with high accuracy and detail

Traffic jams, warnings:
• Traffic jams in directions
• Statistical traffic jams, even if the navigator is not connected to the Internet
• Service “Traffic jams on the border” (with Finland)
• Dynamic software – warnings about accidents, traffic police ambushes, evaluators, etc.
• Warning of stationary and mobile radars

Search, tips, chat:
• Easy search
• Trip computer
• Detailed voice and visual prompts.
• Day and night navigation interface
• Location of friends on the map
• Messaging with CityGrid users
CityGuide – the new-generation offline GPS navigator, which enables you to select and use maps from various map vendors.:
★ OSM (OpenStreetMap), the project that creates and distributes free geographic data for the world. CityGuide maps based on OSM data offer worldwide coverage and stable updates
★ HERE (NOKIA) maps, a high-quality paid-for maps collection
★ CityGuide maps, with traffic information and regular updates
★ Other high-quality maps from national map producers

Maps have various prices, conditions of use and update frequency. You select the maps you require from within the CityGuide application. Each map has a short description and a star rating, and a trial period is available.
Changes in version 10.2.141:
– added support for the hiding navigation bar
– fixes work in the background
– pedestrian routing fixes
– search fixes
– other fixes

SitiGID GPS Navigator Updates, interests, 3D:
• Daily automatic updating of road conditions: closed streets, changes in road signs, etc.
• Free regular map updates
• Huge catalog of places of interest on maps (POI)
• 3D objects of urban architecture with high details
• 3D Isolation

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