Benefits in an implemented safety program will save any business money. Safety affects any business and a safety program will make the workplace safer.

Business Cost Savings Through Safety

Business Cost Savings Through SafetyBusiness Cost Savings Through SafetySetting a health and safety program in place will reduce costs. Having a program will reduce accidents and will lead to lower company workers comp premiums; further business insurance companies prefer their customers to have health and "safety program" s. These insurance companies might even discount the premium if a program can be proved to exist. The average cost of an accident is $68,000. Direct costs in accidents such as workers comp and fines levied can close a business. Indirect costs such as low morale of employees, legal fees, and retraining can be as costly if not more.A working program will:1) Improve employee morale Shows care in their well being2) Reduce revenue loses Fewer accidents keeps all employees at work3) Give a boost to the customer Makes sure business is operating optimallySmall businesses that have a voluntary health and safety program in place have fifty percent less accidents and reported insurance claims than that of their counterparts according to OHSA stats. Most small businesses fall below the legal requirements for having a formal health and safety program in place due to number of employees on staff. Sixty eight percent of reported accidents are in the service industry which shows even businesses such as retail establishments are not free of accidents.A health and safety program can be started by writing a health and safety policy; this is simply values that a company wishes to convey in its work processes. Secondly, is how communication between all employees and owners will function. And lastly, put procedures in place to ensure safe practices.To find unseen hazards and unsafe practices, an audit needs to take place. Take a hard look at the workplace and record all factors that may lead to injury. These hazards might be dangerous chemicals or as simple as a letter opener. Identifying these hazards will lead to procedures to controlling them. Controls such as Dont run with scissors in your hands are effective. Write all procedures in a manual.Implementing these health and safety procedures will be done with behavioral change. Some programs become weak and non effective because of:1)No definition of safety practices No written processes2)No teamwork Safety is communication from the top to bottom and vice versa. A well written plan will describe what roles everyone plays in safety policies.3)No effective goals The accident free days poster will come as a result of sound safety processes.4)Wrong incentives Money as a reward does not work well. Health and safety should be fun and worth employees effort. The right incentive plan can be cost effective and have obtainable goals. Incentive plans can include movie passes or simply free coffee on the boss. The insurance industry reports for a dollar spent on health and safety yields four to six dollars in savings.Once all of the hard work of developing and implementing the health and safety program is done, set aside some time each month to review the workplace. Record what is found; this is a good practice to see dangerous trends that might occur such as a fire exit constantly being blocked. On the quarters of the year post a meeting with employees. These meetings are a great way to get vital feed-back from employees and keep them involved. At least once a year, do an audit to make sure your health and safety program is current with present business operations.

Every Thing You Must Know to Have a Successful Home Business and Maximize your Profits

Every Thing You Must Know to Have a Successful Home Business and Maximize your Profits

Dont Get Tricked: Thinking You Have a Home Business if you do all your work in some one elses house is foolish. Stop running around all over town plastering up flyers. Having parties in your friends houses or yours is not why you do this. It does not work. Choose a Home Business that Makes Sense: You must have products that sell even if there was no business opportunity. Products every body uses every where. Staple products needed and used everyday forever. Promote patented products with advantages. Dont Choose a Home Business that: Limits you to only luxury items or targeted items, only half the population use once and thats it. To truly be free you will want to get paid over and over on work you do just once. Repeat sales and retention is gold, got to have it.Consider Networking: You only have 2 hands, how much more can you do with 400 or 4000? The best way is to multiply your income is to teach others. Earn more than you ever dreamed with your Home Business. Start multiplying your income while helping others.Dont Limit your Income: Recruiting or selling friends and family does not work for your Business. It helps your up-line they have 100s doing this. So you get 5-10 from your center of influence make a couple sales. Your up-line makes a 100 times that, you get stuck.Take Advantage of Internet Marketing: The internet is a Home Business miracle. How else could you reach people all over the country, the world for that matter? Be affiliated with a company that has a presence in several countries and is expanding world wide. Dont Pay for Leads and Advertising: There is no need to pay a fortune promoting your Home Business. Losers buy questionable leads that never pay off. Calling Strangers is a waste of time and money. Your better than that, funded sponsoring can do this and advertise for you too.Make money online: Learn from successful Home Business builders making millions. The internet is an unlimited resource. Do not over look the most powerful tool in your arsenal. Its easy once you know how. Fortunes are being made every day online. Its your turn.Dont spend a fortune: Its not necessary to break the bank advertising your Home Business online. There are a ton of free online methods to generate streams of cash flow. Develop never ending residual income. The internet works for you 24/7, put it to work and cash in.Use a website: The right site is a virtual sales force that never sleeps. It sells and/or recruits for you. There are many great sites viewed by millions that can be yours Free. People will pay you with out you ever speaking to them. No salesman can do that for your Home Business.Dont spend money driving traffic: Learn all the tips, tricks and secrets to drive the right people to your sites for free. Discover 100s of fast easy ways to over load your site with your target market. If you are spending boat loads trying to do build your Home Business STOP! If your Home Business is not a Cash Flow Generating Monster Growing Out Control every day then do something Now! Find how to do what is discussed in this article. If you want to reach your goals live the life you dream then learn to Do the Dos and avoid the Donts.

Due Diligence I dont need it (ya right)

Due Diligence  I dont need it (ya right)

You have been searching for various businesses for sale and now you have found that perfect business to buy. The business is represented by a reputable broker. You are comfortable with the terms, and now you wish to enter into contract and proceed with the due diligence phase. Everything you have been told by the seller and broker sounds good and feels right. So whats next? How deep do you need to dig?Deep my friend. Yes, most brokers are very reputable. But remember they only get paid when the deal closes. And remember also that the broker is representing the seller, not you. So what should you be digging for? Here is a partial list:1) Negative business trends;2) Negative industry trends;3) Expected but undisclosed competition;4) Any hint of a personal matter that would restrict the seller from selling;5) Any partner, spouse, shareholder, or related party that would restrict the seller from selling;6) Existing or past credit problems with banks or suppliers;7) Any pending litigation against the company;8) Any claims, liens, or encumbrances against the company or company real estate;9) Unpaid income, sales, FICA, unemployment insurance, or other taxes;10) Timely filing of all tax returns;11) Expected but undisclosed loss of one or more major accounts;12) A current disaster recovery plan;13) A current management succession plan;14) Stale or nonexistent policies and manuals (including personnel manual, training manual, safety manual, and sexual harassment policy)15) Retention of key employees;16) Retention of key accounts;17) Recent bad publicity;18) Expiring/ renewal of property lease;19) Leases that are not assignable;20) Restrictions on business or property expansion;21) Capital assets that are at or near their expected life;22) An established reserve for capital improvements;23) Obsolete equipment and machinery;24) Overvalued inventory;25) Product obsolescence;26) Expiring licenses, patents, franchise agreements, etc.27) Difficulty in obtaining raw materials, products, or services;28) Expiring vendor or supplier agreements;29) Recent increases in all types of insurance rates;30) Employee awareness regarding the business sale;31) Customer awareness regarding the business sale;32) Vendor and supplier awareness regarding the business sale;33) Non compliance with safety and environmental requirements;34) Potential labor union or other employee related issues;35) Any web site related issues.As you can see there are many issues that really need to be investigated. Many are very technical. You will likely need to enlist the help of other professionals for assistance. An attorney and an accountant are a must. Just remember, when you are searching "businesses for sale" , think ahead. Do not trust everything the broker and seller tell you. You are making a huge decision; make sure its a good one.

Gumball Vending Machines A Great Way To Break Into The Vending Business

Gumball Vending Machines  A Great Way To Break Into The Vending Business

Gumball vending machines are the best known of all vending machines. They are the basis of every vending business because most people get started in this business with one or more gumball machines. This is because they are the cheapest of the machines and they do generate a lot of profit. You can sell giant bubblegum, candy and fun prizes from gumball vending machines. Even as more and more vending machines come on the market, the "gumball vending machines" have remained. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs, such as the classic globe shaped gumball machine or the spiral shaped models. When you contact a business, gumball machine owners find that these are the easiest machines to place. Business owners know that both children and adults like to use them and they can even spur along the sales by offering prizes for a certain colored gumball. This makes using them more fun. Gumball machines usually take a quarter so the product is not costly for the customer. You can have single gumball vending machines or models with two or three machines in one. Experts on the vending machine business will tell you that you should not have more than three different products or three machines selling gumballs and candy in one location. The small number of choices helps to increase the sales of gumballs for your business. Gumball machines are also very colourful which makes them very noticeable, along with the colourful gumballs inside. Along with selling gumballs, you can sell many products for fun. Gumball machines can be used to sell bouncy balls, toy capsules or even small souvenir mugs. As long as the products can fit through the dispenser in the gumball vending machines you can use them in the machines. You will also have to adjust the price to reflect the product because some products are more expensive than others. You do have to price the products to sell, but also be able to make a profit in your business. Gumball machines are so popular because they are the most profitable of all vending machines. The spiral gumball vending machines seem to work best in a vending machine business. This is because these machines are very attractive to children, who love to watch the gumball spin around the spiral in the machine. Parents dont mind spending the quarter for the gumball and quite often they will end up spending more than one in the fun gumball machines. Business owners dont mind having them on their premises either because they get a commission based on the amount of money that comes out of each machine. If you are thinking of getting started in the vending machine business, you will enjoy great success with gumball vending machines.

It Can Happen to You, The Misorganizations of Joe

This is the story of Joe, the office guy. Just a peaceful, ordinary fellow, who was plain and simply a messy pig in his office. He never thought it was any big deal to have things strewn from one corner to another in disarray so bad that people would cover their eyes when they walked by.One day, as Joe arrived at his office, he decided he would take care of several "to do" items on his list. He did all his personal things from his office as well as business things. The first item on his agenda was paying for his homeowners insurance. He was certain he received that last notice that said cancellation, but was unsure just where he put all those nasty little bills and reminders. He thought and thought. He searched and searched. He was not successful, and finally gave up and decided he would look for those when he got home, knowing full well that they were indeed buried somewhere within his stacks of crap in his baskets at work.He moved on to the next item on his agenda, paying his car payment. Again, I suppose you can guess what happens here... Now perhaps had he filed those bills and reminders neatly in a file folder, he would have known exactly where to go. He always paid his bill online, but he still had to have the bill so he could get his account number from it. Why he never wrote it down on a post-it note, I cannot imagine. Well, no luck with that task either, so he just put it aside for later.Well now, Joe was thoroughly disgusted at this point. Even more infuriating was the fact that his boss kept bugging him for a report that was due the day before. How dare he be so insensitive when poor Joe was only trying to pay his bills. Is that not why we go to work, to pay our bills? The report, which he HAD actually finished, was lying right on top of his desk organizer in a red report cover when he left last night. Was the red "report cover" still there? Well, I suppose you can imagine the answer. In actuality, his report and its red cover were lying on the floor, wedged between the desk and the wall unseen by poor unsuspecting Joe. Now, he would have to redo the entire thing.His day was not getting any better. Joe got up to go to the bathroom and tripped over a stack of binders. As he fell, he hit his head on the corner of his desk and saw not only stars, but whole galaxies. He was indeed bleeding all over his index cards and paper clips. That was the last straw! He was going home!He told his boss he was leaving for the day and went out to the lot to retrieve his car. He always parked...... wait.... where the heck was his car? He went back inside and the receptionist cooly reported to him that a tow truck had a rendezvous with his car about half an hour ago. It was repossessed! Damn, he should have paid that car payment. Had it not been lost in his basket, that would have happened. He called his friend for a ride home, stewing all the way.Upon reaching his street, he was amazed to find that the street was blocked by fire trucks. There was a fire pretty close to his house.... no wait... oh damn... it WAS his house! I can guess what you may be thinking. Uh oh, I guess Joe should have found that homeowner policy and paid that bill.You can see how the consequences of having a messy office have affected Joe. Some simple organization would have went a long way. The next time you take a look around you and cannot seem to be able to put your hands on something you are sure is in the stack somewhere, remember the plight of Joe and get it organized!

The Importance of Holding

I now understand the importance of holding. No, I'm not talking about two lovers caressing each other tightly in front of a fireplace (although that is also certainly important, fireplace or not). I'm talking about being put on hold when doing business over the phone. I recently took my automobile in to be serviced at my local garage. After they had it for a day, I called to get the prognosis and see just how much this was going to cost me. I was transferred over to the mechanic working on my car, and by transferred; I mean that the first person I reached yelled at the top of her lungs for a second person to pick up line 2. It was endearing, in a way, but not terribly professional. After reaching the mechanic, I was told to wait for a moment while he checked on the status of my car. He then put the phone down (or let it hang, for all I know) and went to get the paperwork. It took him quite a while to get the information he needed, so I was sitting at my desk at work with my ear to the receiver, listening to other mechanics talk about everything under the sun. I certainly don't mind that, but the profanity I was hearing didn't really instill any confidence in me that I had chosen the right garage for my vehicle. These guys could have made a sailor blush, as the saying goes. Eventually, the mechanic came back and told me the amount of the bill and what they had found. I picked my car up that evening. The four or five minutes I spent listening to the other mechanics curse with reckless abandon got me to thinking. I really do believe that ignorance is bliss. It's not that I'm such a prude that a few expletives will offend me, it's more about professionalism. When a person feels that the company he or she is doing business with exudes professionalism, it makes one comfortable in doing business. When the situation is otherwise, it makes you wonder if there isn't someone else you should be doing business with instead.


Benefits in an implemented safety program will save any business money. Safety affects any business and a safety program will make the workplace safer.