best spam filtering service

Best Spam Filtering Service

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Best Spam Filtering Service

What makes the best spam filtering service?

Security experts agree with the best spam filtering service consists of several functions to protect entrepreneurs from excessive levels of spam and threats that accompany them (malware, phishing, ransomware, etc.). They may not agree on which features should take precedence when choosing the best spam filtering service for business.

Thus, we have compiled a list of the seven best features that we believe contribute to creating a better spam filtering service. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so companies must decide which features are most relevant to them in their business environment. Characteristics are presented in a certain order of priority.


While many filtering services block the delivery of messages from known spam sources, a gray list can prevent the delivery of messages from previously unknown sources. It does this by returning non-whitelisted emails to the original servers with a request to resend. The servers of the spammers are usually too busy to answer the query, and the spam never comes back.

Accelerated Filtration Rates

With a smaller amount of spam that goes beyond the process of the gray list, the speed with which the others are filtered much faster. This can be used in the interests of business to reduce administrative burden and better protect against email threats, as it will not be so necessary to whitelist so many “trusted” senders to avoid delays in the delivery of their email.

Scanning Outgoing E-Mail

save the business from internal threats but also protect its reputation among business partners and other important structures.

  Malicious URL blocking can prevent the most elaborate spear phishing attack from reaching its destination and adds the sender’s IP address to the database to block future attempts using a different URL.

Protection From Data Leakage

Data leakage protection is a relatively new development in email filtering.

easy to operate

The best email filtering service in the world may not be of business value if it is too complex to operate. Therefore, any solution you choose to protect your business from excessive spam and related threats should be easy to configure to meet the security requirements of your business.

Is SpamTitan the best spam filtering service for business?

If your current filtering service does not support all of these features, you may experience a higher level of spam and email threats than necessary.

SpamTitan’s spam filtering service offers all of these features –

and more – to achieve a 99.97% spam detection rate. If you want to know more about SpamTitan – and whether It can be the best spam filtering service for your business – feel 

Our sales team will tell you about deployment options,

email continuity, and more before inviting you to take the free route.

This offer gives you the opportunity to experience our feature-rich solution and its ease of use so that you can make an informed decision about the best spam filtering service for your business.

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