AutoHotkey recorder

Autohotkey Recorder

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AutoHotKey support for Atom


I’m not entirely sure why I find AutoHotkey recorder to be so extremely satisfying but you can understand my frustration at having a lack of support for my favorite new text editor. So I figured, why not make it myself! So I learned some stuff about AutoHotkey recorder, improved my RegEx skills and created my first project that can actually be used by everyone.

This is my first real experience in building a plugin for an application and I’m really excited to be making this available to others who can benefit from it as I do.

Thank you to everyone who installs and enjoys using this package. Hope you love it!!!

This package adds basic syntax highlighting support for .ahk files in Atom.


The screenshot was taken of “New AutoHotKey Script.ahk” included in the project.

Props to Dayle Rees and his beautifully designed Revelation theme: daylerees/color-schemes

autohotkey recorder
AutoHotkey recorder


Syntax highlighting support for the following match types:

  • Quoted strings
  • Percent sign enclosed strings
  • Comment lines
  • Numbers
  • Directives
  • Built-in system variables
  • Named key constants
  • Function declarations
  • Commonly used hotkey modifiers and symbols () English
AutoHotkey recorder
AutoHotkey recorder

Planned Features

These are features that I soon hope to implement and/or improve upon in future updates:


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